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The Online Medieval & Classical Library

Lisa Spangenberg's Celtic Studies Resources

Medieval Celtic Manuscripts

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Early Celtic World

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Celtic States

CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

A Collection of Triads

Alexander Carmichael: Carmina Gadelica [text & introduction, 1899)

"Confession" of St. Patrick

The Liturgy and Diverse Services from the Lorrha ("Stowe") Missal

Lives of the Saints [from the Book of Lismore]

Directory of /pub/beowulf [an FTP file]

Initiatives for Access: Beowulf Project

The Mabinogion (Four branches = late 11th century; Charlotte Guest translation = 1838-1849)

The Tale of Taliesin [from Encyclopedia Mythica] ~english/homepage/duncan/medfem/talie.html

The Ulster Cycle [text]

The Cattle Raid of Cooley [Irish & English text]

Patric Brown's Celtic Mythology links

St. Gildas Sapiens: The Ruin and Conquest of Britain (540), 1910 translation

Nennius: Historia Brittonum (858), J.A. Giles translation

Edmund Spencer: The Faerie Queene (1596)

Robert Kirk: The Secret Commonwealth (1690/91), R.J. Stewart, ed.

The Volsunga Saga [text]

The Nibelungenlied [text]

Heimskringla, The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway [text]

Snorri Sturlason (1179?-1241) [Project Gutenberg text]

Saxo Grammaticus,The Danish History (Books I-IX)

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Life of King Alfred

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James Thinn Booksellers [est.1848, Edinburgh]

Scottish Book Collector

Books for Scholars [Celtic Studies]

Rod Mackay...Celtic Books, Mythology, Legends, Folklore, Scotland, Ireland...

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