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PBS: In Search of Ancient Ireland

RTE: In Search of Ancient Ireland [Megalithic Passage Tombs]

Prehistoric Music [in] Ireland

Peritia: Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland

Chronicon [History Dept., University College, Cork]

Electronic Irish Records Dataset [Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco]

Irish National Heritage Park

Jacqueline Dana's Irish History on the Web

The Gathering of the Irish

Uasal! Irish Nobility, Heraldry, Genealogy

Irish Link Index

Joan Morgan's Celebrate Ireland

Conrad Bladey's Irish Studies Pages

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Annals of the kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters (pp. 3-565, from the year of the Deluge to 902 A.D.)

Prehistoric, Old, & Middle Irish [linguistics]

Focal an Lae -- The Word of the Day in Irish

Shelta (Irish Travellers' Cant [linguistics])

Stones of Ireland

Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama

Irish Literature and Verse Links

The Triads of Ireland

Catholic Encyclopedia: The Brehon Laws

Brehon Law Links (courtesy the Brehan Law Project)

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Irish Stick Fighting

Macha, Brighid, The Ancient Goddess of Ireland

Solas Eireann: Gaeilgh, Irish diaspora, Irish chat

CAIN: Conflict Archive on the INternet