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Bodelian Library Broadside Ballads [30,000 16th-20th century]


Robert Tannahill, 'Poems and Songs" [1875 Edition]

Richard Robinson's Tunebook


Standard Midi Files on the Net [search for Celtic,Scottish,etc.]

Lesley Nelson's Folk Music of England, Scotland, [etc.]

Ken McGirr's The Auld Scotch Songs [lyrics]

Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

Cecil's Celtic Midi Files

Suzie's Celtic Music

Scottish Music and Dance

Thomas Jeon: The Song Tradition of Robert Burns

Steve Sweeney-Turner: Bibliography of Scottish Writings on Music (1994)

David Daye's Bagpipe Page

Piob Mhor Home Page

The Universe of Bagpipes

Highland Bagpipe Music

Bagpipes at Best

Rockmine Audition Room

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Scottish Country Dance in North America

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

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